About Kona Wedding Photography by LLI

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About Photographer Aaron Bernard:

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Aaron’s has passion to capture the essence of all God’s creations: their grace, their diversity, their secrets, their power and their hidden beauty.  Every image you see has captured a moment in time to be treasured forever.  Each one has captivated Aaron and is shared on these pages to captivate you as well.  This is your opportunity to see things as Aaron sees them and as God created.

A country boy at heart, at the age of 17, right out of high school; Aaron left the islands to serve his country in the United State Marines Corp., which took him around the world, gaining much experience and a new perspectives on life outside of the islands.  His passion has taken him to many new and beautiful places, but Hawaii has always remained in his heart.  The beauty and warmth of the islands called him to return to his roots after being away from home for over 15 years.

Capturing timeless images for over 17 years, Aaron displays a passion for life through his photography with each piece telling a different story. In every image you will experience the emotion and attitude of his subjects.  His objective is to find their essence, their character.  He uses his expertise to capture the raging power of giant waves or the stillness of a water drop hanging from a petal, the peaceful tranquility of his landscapes, the beauty of tropical foliage, the mysteries of natures wild life, the unity of family, the soul of a person, and the miracle of love through marriage.

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